e-Commerce has a new trend

Amazon has already sold 1,000,000+ Alexa enabled devices. Consumers are embracing the convenience, novelty and speed in which they can buy their goods. They are a captive audience unencumbered by click bait ads and comparison product popups. This experience is ideal for a returning customer.

Growth in voice ordering is expected to jump to $40 billion in 2022 from $2 billion today.

Replenish, Replace, Reorder with Voice

ReOrdify is focused on executing the reorder workflow as efficiently as possible. This adds value to the customer's experience as they blaze through this transaction hands free when the moment strikes them. Retain your customer by offering this powerful concise alternative to desktop and mobile apps. Customers don't want an exhaustive menu driven voice catalog. We believe a use-case focus of reordering, rather than a technology focus, is the strategy customers will appreciate.

Your Brand, Customer Engagement & SEO Impact

Deploying your Alexa skill presents an opportunity for you to engage your customers with email campaigns and reminders. Presence in the marketplace will reinforce SEO rankings and influence product and brand reputation.

Machine Learning & Natural Language

ReOrdify uses innovative AI technology to fully understand and process the customer's voice interactions. This proprietary technology improves the customer experience so that they get the right product as quickly as possible without bothersome voice menu systems.